Keep track of Twitter users And get a daily report on who they follow and who follows them.

Want to track competitors? Want to track your child? Track your partner!
73% of teens are on a social network
34% of parents check their child’s social network sites
88% of parents know their teens use the internet to communicate with people they don’t know
40% of parents worry about their teen’s social network safety when online, even at home

PLEASE, take care of them and follow their connections!

30% has adopt (at least once) a seductive behavior
41% of spouses are jealous at the idea that their husband interact with girls online
41% of spouses confess spying their husband on social networks
50% of married men have had an extramarital affair
40% engaged online ...
7% with same sex partner

PLEASE, take care of his relationship and follow his connections!

Keep your friends close, and your competitors closer

Words fly away, actions are decisive
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What are your competitors doing on Twitter? You may already read their tweets - once they have been posted.
Now think ahead: before starting a critical project, what would you do?
That's right, you are going to read what your competitors publish. But you will never know which users they are following as of NOW.

Your competitors might be on a big deal
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Getting a critical share of the market is key. Too bad you couldn't adapt soon enough. Or could you? If you knew sooner, you could have reacted accordingly.
What if your competitor's network just expanded right now? You could still catch the train!

Get a complete,
full report everyday
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Are you willing to check your competitor's Twitter profile each day and note every change?
No more hassle. Get everything in your mailbox. It's simple, quick, and efficient.




  • Suited for Personal Use
  • Track 50 users
  • Mail report everyday



  • Suited for Professional Use
  • Track up to 200 users
  • Mail report everyday
  • Track content published



  • Suited for Competitive Market
  • Unlimited tracks
  • Mail report everyday
  • Track content published
  • Direct support 24/7

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Commonly called Computisaurus Rex, or “Data Glutonis” by scientists, its appetite is never ending and its results are worth the unstoppable flow of food.

Created in October 2013, Reador develops tools for business intelligence and data analysis, fueled by Semantic Web.

Reador delivers to its users a simple, intuitive interface, to let them stay connected to the informations that matter to them.
It also allows to get even further, thanks to a deep thematic connexion analysis on more than half a million news per day. Let’s not forget the ability to rate the emotions through multiple languages…